Sending Files to a Zebra Printer via FTP

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Published date:    08/25/2011
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This white paper contains instructions on how to send files to a Zebra printer using FTP. You will be guided through starting a command prompt, logging into FTP, and finally sending a file to the Zebra printer.

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1.  Load your file onto the C: Drive or root.
2.  Open up DOS/Command prompt.
3.  TYPE               FTP <YOUR IP ADDRESS>
4.  The FTP session will now require you to enter a username and password. By default, the settings are as follows:
Username = admin
Password = zebra
5.  Press Enter.
6.  Once you are logged into the FTP session, you will have an ftp command prompt.
7.  TYPE               PUT <YOUR FILE NAME>
8.  Press Enter.
9.  The printer’s data light should flash as it starts receiving the data. You’ll also receive the message “Command okay” and “Transfer succeeded” in the FTP session.
10.  Type “quit” to exit the FTP session.
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