ZT Series LCD Error Invalid Channel or Invalid Security Mode

Doc ID:    SO8699
Version:    2.0
Published date:    03/04/2014
Updated:    04/18/2017


Topic or Information

Printer is displaying or  has a QR Code Error

Invalid Security Mode - QR code error "WlanInvalidSecurityMode"

Invalid Channels - QR Error Code "WlanInvalid Channels" 

Applies To

ZT Series Printers using the Wireless Communications Option


WlanInvalid Channels – This means that you have selected a channel which is invalid per you certified country list. In manufacturing we set a region, and the customer will set a country. If the channel selected is invalid for the new country you will see this error. 


WlanInvalidSecurityMode – This occurs when you try to use a security mode (WEP, WPA, etc) that is currently disabled. The easiest way to fix this is to default the WLAN settings and re-setup.

Additional Information

Defaulting Network Settings Read More>>

Viewing the Network Configurations Read More>>


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