Discover and Configure TCP/IP Settings for a Wired ZebraNet Print Server




Using ZebraNet Bridge Enterprise to discover and configure TCP/IP settings on your printer's wired ZebraNet Print Server Option.

 Applies To

Zebra Printers with the ZebraNet Print Server Option
ZebraNet Bridge Enterprise Software


Information and a free download for ZebraNet Bridge Enterprise is available from the Zebra Website. Read More>>


By default the ZebraNet Print Server is configured to use DHCP to acquire an IP address. If one wishes to assign the address manually you can use the ZebraNet Bridge Utility to accomplish this task.


By default Discover works by sending a broadcast on the local subnet. 


The search is run at start up or you can right click on the Search Group and select Refresh Search.

You can also change the search method used by selecting Edit Search.  The search options are:

  • Local Broadcast
  • Subnet
  • Directed Broadcast
  • Multi cast
  • IP address

For full details on Discovery and using ZebraNet Bridge, view the ZebraNet Bridge User Guide and review the section "Search Group Window and Discover" Read More>>

By default the ZebraNet Print Servers look for an address from a DHCP server.  If one does not respond, you will see a printer listed with the IP address of  To change the IP address, right click on the printer and select Set IP Address.

After the IP address is set you can drag or copy/past the printer to the desired group in the Group Management Window to manage the printer and configure the other TCP/IP settings.



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