LED's Flashing Red Green Amber

Doc ID:    SO7749
Version:    10.0
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Updated:    05/09/2014


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LED's on printer flashing Red, Green, then Amber.

Applies To

2824 Plus Series 

G-Series Printers


The LED's flashing RED GREEN AMBER means the printer is defragging flash (E:)memory. While it is doing that, the motor cannot run. 

Defragging memory can happen when the printer needs to clean up its internal flash memory. It can also be triggered by the user defaulting the printer (^JUF or ^default, or does a 4-flash).

To minimize this occurrence make sure your application does not access non-volatile memory (Flash) more than needed. Avoid repeatedly writing and deleting in Flash E: memory by directing this activity to the DRAM R: memory. Consult with your application developer or software provider if this is determined to be a problem.

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