Xi4 Printer Specifications Information

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Updated:    12/02/2013


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Xi4 Printer specification information

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Xi4 Series Printers


Click on the link for your printer model to view Xi4 Printer specification information

110Xi4 Specifications  Read More>>

140Xi4 Specifications Read More>>

170Xi4 Specifications Read More>>

220Xi4 Specifications Read More>>

R110Xi4 Specifications  Read More>>

These specification links contain the following:

  • Xi4 Standard Features
  • Physical Features
  • Firmware Info
  • Optional Features
  • Printer Options
  • ZebraNet Print Server Options
  • Other Networking Options
  • Firmware Options
  • ZebraLink Solutions
  • Printing Specifications
  • Media Specifications
  • Ribbon Specifications
  • Electrical Specifications
  • Environmental Specifications
  • Font Specifications
  • Communications Specifications
  • Bar Code Symbologies and Specifications
  • Font Specifications


Helpful Information 

Xi4 Series Printer Dimensions Read More>>


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