How to print a Barcode using Microsoft Word Using Zebra Card Printers

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Updated:    05/06/2014


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Printing a bar code from Microsoft Word to Zebra Card Printers

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Zebra Value Class and Performance Class Printer (P100i, P110i, P110m, P120i, P330i, P430i)


Printing a a barcode using Microsoft Word, even if the barcode font isn't resident within the application.


  • To print a barcode when the font isn't resident in the application, include the following command within the design of your card.

    ~C2B 175 500 0 0 1 6 150 0 12345

    ~C2B in the command will be processed by the driver to tell the printer to print a barcode using one of the fonts resident in the printer's memory.   The remaining values state what font is to be used, where the barcode is to be positioned, how large the barcode will be, and the data to be printed on the card.  The command should be in the top left corner of your cards design.   The values that follow the ~C2B in the command will determine where the barcode will print on the card, but the the command must be in the top left corner of the card every time.

    For a complete breakdown of the command, download the Programmer's guide from the following link.  Read More>>

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Magnetically Encoding Cards from Microsoft Word  Read More>>

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